Research Paper Genetic engineering & plant breeding
GM crops: The socio-economic impacts

Mohammadali Malboobi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2012, Pages 1-9

  World population has already exceeded 6.5 billion, out of which about 850 million (13 percent) are undernourished. With the current growth rate, the world community faces even a greater challenge of hunger and food security as the estimated the population will catch 9 billion by the year 2050 with doubled ...  Read More

Research Paper Metabolomics & metabolites engineering in plant breeding
Improvement of qualitative and quantitative traits in soybean [Glycine Max (L.) Merrill] through gamma irradiation

Mehdi Arefrad; Ghorbanali Nematzadeh; Nadali Babaian Jelodar; Seyyed Kamal Kazemitabar

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2012, Pages 10-15

  Gamma irradiation was used at different doses (80, 160 and 240 Gy) on Glycine Max (L.) Merrill cv. Hill homogenous seeds. A single suitable M2 plant was selected and evaluated at M3 and M4 along with its parent and three other varieties as control in RCBD experiment in Sari Agricultural Sciences and ...  Read More

Research Paper Plant functional genomics & plant breeding
Pattern of DNA cytosine methylation in Aeluropus littoralis during temperature stress

Seyyed Hamidreza Hashemi; Ghorbanali Nematzadeh; Hossein Askari; Yousef Ghasemi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2012, Pages 16-24

  DNA methylation as an epigenetic mediator plays the important role in spatial and temporal gene regulation and ensures the stability and the plasticity of organism. In this investigation, methylation sensitive amplification polymorphism (MSAP) were assessed in CCGG sites on a halophytic plant, Aeluropuslittoralis ...  Read More

Research Paper Molecular markers & plant breeding
Arabidopsis leaf plasma membrane proteome using a gel free method: Focus on receptor–like kinases

Hamid Najafi Zarrini; F . Fusetti; J.T.M. Elzenga; F.C. Lanfermeijer

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2012, Pages 25-33

  The hydrophobic proteins of plant plasma membrane still remain largely unknown.  For example in the Arabidopsis genome, receptor-like kinases (RLKs) are plasma membrane proteins, functioning as the primary receptors in the signaling of stress conditions, hormones and the presence of pathogens form ...  Read More

Research Paper Genetic engineering & plant breeding
Improved salt tolerance in canola (Brasica napus) plants by overexpression of Arabidopsis Na+/H+ antiporter gene AtNHX1

Ebrahim Doranie Uliaie; Behzad Ghareyazi; Mohammad Farsi; Karl-Heinz Kogel

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2012, Pages 34-42

  A significant portion of the world’s cultivated land is affected by salinity that reduces crop productivity in these areas. Breeding for salt tolerance is one of the important strategies to overcome this problem. Recently, genetic engineering is becoming a promising approach to improving salt tolerance. ...  Read More

Research Paper Micropropagation & plant breeding
Indirect in vitro regeneration of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)

Abdoreza Bagheri; Vali Ollah Ghasemi Omraan; Samira Hatefi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2012, Pages 43-50

  Establishment of an efficient and reproducible regeneration protocol is one of the basic prerequisites for genetic transformation of any crop plant. In vitro culture of lentil has proven to be difficult. In spite of a number of reports on the regeneration of this plant, very few satisfying and reproducible ...  Read More

Research Paper Molecular markers & plant breeding
Molecular diversity within and between Ajowan (Carum copticum L.) populations based on inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers

Mahdieh Modareskia; Reza Darvishzadeh; Abbas Hassani; Maryam Kholghi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2012, Pages 51-62

  Study of genetic relationships is a prerequisite for plant breeding activities as well as for conservation of genetic resources. In the present study, genetic diversity among and within 15 Iranian native Ajowan(Carum copticum L.) populations were determined using inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers. ...  Read More