Research Paper Plant molecular physiology & breeding
Molecular responses of Phytophthora capsici-challenged cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) plants as influenced by resistance inducer application

Fatemeh Khosravi; Shahrokh Gharanjik; Ali Dehestani

Volume 5, Issue 2 , December 2017, Pages 1-10

  Phytophthora species are considered as the major cause of several plant diseases resulting in huge yield losses in agricultural crops. Despite years of effort to develop Phytophthora resistance varieties, there is no reports of a resistant cucumber variety. In this study, the effect of concomitant application ...  Read More

Research Paper Micropropagation & plant breeding
Rapid and high throughput regeneration in fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) from embryo explants

Shiva Shahi; Ali Izadi-Darbandi; Hossein Ramshini; Mehdi Younessi-hamzekhanlu

Volume 5, Issue 2 , December 2017, Pages 11-19

  Callus induction and regeneration of fennel from embryo explants were stabilized in the presence of cefotaxime antibiotic and different plant growth regulators (PGRs). The experiments were conducted under a factorial experiment, based on a completely randomized design (CRD). Genotypes; Fasa, Meshkinshar ...  Read More

Research Paper Plant molecular physiology & breeding
Comparison of oil and fatty acid composition of seed, shoot and in-vitro regenerated organs of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. var. Sahel)

Babak Delnavaz Hashemloian; Azra Ataei Azimi

Volume 5, Issue 2 , December 2017, Pages 20-26

  Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) is a source of edible oil and fatty acids (FAs). In this study, embryos’ explants were cultured in MS medium with different concentration of  plant growth regulators (phytohormones) include BA, IAA, IBA, 2, 4- D and NAA, to finding the relationship of hormone ...  Read More

Research Paper Molecular markers & plant breeding
Genetic diversity study of Ethiopian hot pepper cultivars (Capsicum spp.) using Inter Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) marker

Shiferaw Alayachew; Destaw Atnafu; Samuel Gedefa

Volume 5, Issue 2 , December 2017, Pages 27-37

  Hot pepper (Capsicum spp.) is an economically important spice widely cultivated and consumed in Ethiopia. In spite of its wide importance, there is no information available on the molecular genetic diversity of this crop. Cultivars characterization is an important link between the conservation and utilization ...  Read More

Research Paper Molecular markers & plant breeding
Fingerprinting of some Egyptian rice genotypes using Intron-exon Splice Junctions (ISJ) markers

Ebrahim Ramadan; Galal Anis; Mohamed Gawish; Mostafa Elshenawy

Volume 5, Issue 2 , December 2017, Pages 38-49

  DNA fingerprinting has become an important tool for diversity assessment and varietal identification in plant breeding programs. Semi- random PCR primers targeting intron-exon splice junctions (ISJ) were used to evaluate the potential of these markers in identification and classification of rice genotypes. ...  Read More

Research Paper Genetic engineering & plant breeding
Isolation of high-quality RNA from a wide range of woody plants

Mohammad Majidi; Yones Bahmani

Volume 5, Issue 2 , December 2017, Pages 50-59

  Isolation of high-quality RNA is one of the most crucial methods in molecular biology. RNA extraction from woody plants has been problematic due to the presence of rigid and woody tissues, large amounts of polysaccharides, polyphenols and other secondary metabolites. Here we present a suitable protocol ...  Read More

Research Paper Molecular markers & plant breeding
Analysis of genetic diversity, phylogenetic relationships and population structure of Arasbaran cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.) genotypes using ISSR molecular markers

Karim Farmanpour Kalalagh; Mehdi Mohebodini; Alireza Ghanbari

Volume 5, Issue 2 , December 2017, Pages 60-67

  Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.), considered as the ancestor of cultivated trees in Arasbaran region, is a medicinally and economically plant species. However, little is known about genetic diversity, breeding programs, and population structure of this species in mentioned region. Keeping this in view, ...  Read More