Document Type : Research Paper


Genetics and agricultural biotechnology institute of Tabarestan, Sari agricultural sciences and natural resources university, Iran


The WRKY transcription factors (TFs) family is one of the largest plant-specific TFs families that play a key role in mediating pathways of stress response. In current study, an overview analysis was performed on Arabidopsis WRKY TF family members that their differential expression (DE) under various stresses was reported in GEOprofile database. First, WRKY members with DE were extracted from GEOprofile and information of the data set, sequence and their gene structure were obtained. Then, the concept of the intersection of sets was used to selection some of WRKY TFs for downstream analysis. DE of candidate members was compared by t-test. The protein – protein interaction network were predicted by STRING web server. A total of 16 WRKY genes were identified in the 11 dataset of GEOprofile. The sequence information showed that WRKY75 and WRKY33 have the minimum and maximum length of the amino acid sequence, respectively. Analysis of the gene structure showed that 56% of the studied WRKY genes have 3 exons and all 16 members are distributed in all five chromosomes of Arabidopsis. Also, the results showed that four WRKYs including WRKY40, WRKY46, WRKY18 and WRKY33 were most frequent at response to various stresses. The protein-protein interaction network showed that WRKY40, WRKY46, WRKY18 and WRKY70 have high interaction with four genes of MPK4, ACS6, MKS1 and STZ. Therefore, WRKY40, WRKY46, WRKY18 and WRKY33 can be the most important WRKY TFs of Arabidopsis at response to various stresses and can be used in genetic and metabolic engineering projects.


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